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July 2009

I have been a patient of Dr. Donley's since 1995 and I have always received excellent pain free care. The office staff is so friendly and understanding of my schedule and needs.

Dr. Donley is always so gentle when working on my teeth. I have never liked going to the dentist since childhood, but coming here for my dental care has made it tolerable. I don't put it off my visits and find it so much easier to attend to my dental here.

Suzanne F.

August 2008

I ahve always been petrified of having cavities filled - the shots, the drill, the whole experience.

Today, I had a cavity filled by Dr. Donley using a laser. It was a great experience. No pain, no ugly drill noise and no drooling afterwards!


July 2006

The laser treatment for my tooth filling was painless and very prompt. It did not take a long time and I liked the patience used with me by the doctor and his assistant. It was a good experience for me, no numbness. Kindness and patience are good fruits of Dr. Donley's office.


April 2007

Imagine falling asleep during a root canal. It's definitely possible with the right dentist. And... the Muskegon area is lucky enough to be blessed with such a dentist... Dr. James Donley!

It's all possible and all true. I can testify to such an experience!

Donna M.

November 2004

I have been a patient of Dr. Donley's since 1968. I believe and have always been satisfied/very pleased with my treatment. The discomfort has been minimal, appearance has been good, and I've aways been able to get in quickly with emergencies. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend Dr. Donley to anyone.


June 2014

Dr. Donley made my dentures over forty years ago. His office was on the second floor downtown Muskegon. I just got a tooth replaced this year, so they should be good for another forty years - way to go Doc!


May 2006

This has been my first with Dr. Donley and wow I have never had this much attention to my teeth and I'm 46. It was painless and knowledgable. The staff is very welcoming and helpful with this new laser. I look forward to learning more and having a healthy mouth.

Lynn E.

June 2005

I have been a patient of Dr Donley's for almost 20 years. Dr. Donley's work is impeccable. Just recently I had all of my old silver fillings replaced with the newer resin fillings. Two of my fillings are next to each other, needing extra special care. Dr. Donley was able to save my two teeth from further extensive dental work and my smile looks great.

The staff in Dr. Donley's office are always courteous and helpful.

Julie H.

July 2009

I came to Dr. Donley to get my teeth pulled out. From what I heard from people it can be quite a painful thing. When I arrived I was prepared for the worst, only to get the opposite. Immediately when I arrived, the staff helped ease my fear. The procedure went on and I was surprised at how little it actually hurt. Dr. Donley was very gentle, and I got my teeth out fast and carefully. The whole thing was over before I knew it. I couldn't believe how good I felt as I left. I was able to do things I would normally do completely pain free. Thanks to Dr. Donley and his awesome staff I had a fantastic experience in what would have been a painful situation. Thank you all!!

Chris V.

January 2010

My son got a Rotadent with his braces. What a difference it makes! THe whole family loves it. Our teeth look and feel so much cleaner.


March 2014

I am a retired RN who spent the last 25 years of my career working for Cardio-Thoracic surgeons so I am very aware of the negative effect of sleep apnea including pulmonary hypertension and cardiac disease.

After failing trials of CPAP and BiPAP, I elected to try the dental prosthetic of Dr. Donley. While there was a mild discomfort initially with the device, it was self limiting and my quality of sleep has improved enormously and also my husband's sleep quality. I find I sleep fewer hours and have more than adequate rest when I wake. My only regret is that I didn't start initially with this device. Kudos to Dr. Donley and staff.

Terri R.

February 2006

I never liked the thought of going to the dentist - now since I go to Dr. Donley I do not have the dreaded thought of a dentist's chair.

Everyone is very professional and I feel great about getting my teeth checked on every six months.

I would highly recommend Dr. Donley and his staff to anyone.

Ted M.

September 2009

The low level laser helped alot! My tooth was sensitive to the touch and the air and I was afraid to have the doctor touch it, but after the laser the sensitivity was gone!

Rhonda R.

October 2006

I had some cavities fileld and a silver filling removed and replaced today - the doctor was very patient, and thorough and compassionate!! Two of the teeth were very sensitive and I needed Novacaine to be "numbed" in addition to the low-intensity laser... and doc and the other attendant was more than willing to accomodate me!!

Last week on the 20th I was in for my cleaning and my attendant was very gentle, but thorough in her job - she asked me questions of how I was brushing and taking care of my teeth daily.

Everyone here is very attentive at what they do - and caring in how they do it - and I'm blessed to be a patient of Dr. Donley and staff!!

Becki L.

October 2005

The laser was painless, comfortable, and quick. It immediately hardened so I was able to resume my normal activities right away.

Dianne S.

December 2014

I started out trying a breathing machine (CPAP) and could not do it - felt like I was being smothered. I got referred to Dr. Donley, I was really doubtful about getting the mouth appliance and spending money on yet another thing I couldn't tolerate. The first night when I put it in my mouth, I thought how am I going to sleep with this in my mouth?

Next thing I woke up and had slept all night, no waking every litte bit. I had it in a week now and doing great so far. I'm feeling better, more rested.

Becky N.

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