PERIODONTICS – CloSYS® in Muskegon

Antimicrobial Rinses

One of the oral care products that we have found to be very beneficial for our patients is the CloSYS® line of antimicrobial dental products. They have products that can help with bad breath, dry mouth, neutralizing the pH of your saliva, and help relieve mouth sores.

One of the main ingredients in these products is Chlorine Dioxide. This has been found to kill the periodontal pathogens (bad bacteria) and neutralize the methyl sulfide compounds that contribute to bad breath. CloSYS® will kill 99% of the bacteria in your mouth within 10 seconds of swishing with the mouth rinse. It is alcohol-free and fluoride-free and therefore, safe for all ages.

All these products are patented and are highly effective. They are neutralized and balanced for sensitive mouths.

The two top products that we offer our patients is the mouth rinse and the toothpaste.

Pre-Treatment Rinse –

At the beginning of every appointment, before we  do anything in the mouth, we have our patients rinse with CloSYS® for 30 seconds to reduce the bio-load in the mouth to kill bacteria, fungi, and VIRUSES. This helps prevent infection after any deep dental cleaning especially. 

Treating Bad Breath –

Nobody likes being told they have “bad breath”! CloSYS® is the FIRST mouth rinse awarded the ADA seal for reducing bad breath – not just covering up, like many other products do! Hydrogen Sulfide is the “rotten egg” smell. Methyl Mercaptan is the “sewer gas” smell. This product can neutralize that smell and kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Treating Irritated Tissues –

Since CloSYS® will kill the bacteria that contribute to gingivitis (swollen gums), patients who use this regularly will notice a significant difference in both their breath as well as the sensitivity and redness of their gums within 7-10 days. If you use an oral irrigator at home, this can be placed in that with a 10:1 dilution for regular home maintenance as well.


Be sure to contact Dr. James R. Donley at Lumbertown Dental in North Muskegon, Michigan is you are experiencing dry mouth, bad breath, or swollen gums.