Ask Your Dentist About Sports Mouth Guards

If you play sports, you should consider wearing a special type of mouth protection called an athletic mouth guard or a sports guard. A custom-made sports guard will be more comfortable to wear plus you can speak easier when it is in the mouth. All of this contributes to improved compliance in wearing them, since that is one of the biggest challenges.

Not all sports mouth guards are the same.

Depending upon which activity or sport you are participating in will determine the type of guard we’ll need to fabricate for you. Specific activities have specific types of common accidents. We will ask you several activity-related questions in the hopes of an determining the best fit and design for your sport.

Whether it’s basketball, football, baseball, hockey, or soccer – protect your teeth with a well-fitting designed mouth guard! You don’t want a fun ball game to turn into a life-changing event! Even many of the more individual activities like skateboarding, gymnastics, and mountain biking can benefit from proper protection. These guards can be colored or even have logos put on them if you wish!

Avoid the temptation of purchasing one of the stock mouth guards that are inexpensive and pre-formed. Because they typically are bulky and ill-fitting, people take them out to talk and sometimes decide not to even wear them. Because of the design, they will not properly protect your mouth or jaws from the specific types of blows that may be common to your favorite sport activity.

Because a mouth guard wears down as it gets used, you can anticipate purchasing a new one each season. In addition, because its typically children wearing these in school, they may be growing and their jaws grow such that it may not fit well the next year.

A well-fitting sports mouthguard will not only protect your teeth, but be more comfortable to wear, improves your compliance, and allows you to speak better when you have it in. A properly fit mouth guard can even prevent a concussion from some of the more rigorous sports. 

If you would like to learn more about sports guards or come in to have one made for you in the Muskegon, Michigan area, please contact Dr. James R. Donley of Lumbertown Dental Wellness today.