Dental Implants offer a great alternative to a bridge, a missing tooth, or a partial denture. A dental implant is an artificial root placed by a surgeon to replace one or more missing teeth. The process is done in two phases. The first phase is the surgical phase which consists of placing a titanium fixture post into the bone to replace the root. After a few months of healing and integration to make sure the post is stable, the second phase the restorative phase where an implant crown is placed on top of the implant fixture.

A dental implant with a custom-made crown is a long-lasting restoration than will bring back the esthetics and function of your natural teeth. A dental implant doesn’t get decay and will never need a root canal. Placing an implant will help to maintain the bone health in the area versus allowing the tissue to shrink. This also helps to maintain the adjacent teeth bone height as well.

If you are missing a tooth from serious decay, trauma, infection, or periodontal disease, you can now avoid having an empty space and risk the adjacent teeth from shifting into that space creating other additional problems such as teeth tipping and moving which promotes more decay and gum problems.

If you are missing multiple teeth, we can do an implant supported bridge or even an implant supported denture. This will give you a very stable chewing function and help your mouth stay healthy.

Please contact the office of Dr. James R. Donley at Lumbertown Dental Wellness in North Muskegon, Michigan to schedule a consultation to find out if a dental implant might be a good option for you.