Transillumination for Seeing Cracks in Teeth

Muskegon Dentist Using High-tech tool to Identify Cracks

Another tool in our diagnostic arsenal is fiberoptic transillumination. By using a small dental transilluminator light, we are able to identify small micro-cracks in a tooth. The biting forces of the teeth and the internal stresses from fillings can cause cracks in the teeth. Many times, micro-fractures are harmless, but sometimes these expand into larger fractures and can cause a cusp or even a root to separate.  

There are several ways of dealing with microfractures. In most cases, we only need to monitor it. However, if we identify the source as a recurring pressure from chewing forces, there are several options, including doing a bite adjustment, making a mouthguard to minimize forces from clenching, placing a small bonded composite restoration or placing a restoration that will protect the cusp – spreading out the forces.

Small microfractures can be pathways for bacteria to get into a tooth. They can also expand and they can extend below the gumline, creating a situation that is difficult to repair a tooth. When we identify a fracture, it’s often good to look at why it happened, what’s causing it and if it can be stopped or prevented from progressing.

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