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Where do I begin? First of all, I am the cowardly lion of cowards, and have always had a fear of going to the dentist. I’m talking tears and hyper ventilating bad! But NOT ANYMORE! Most days, I cannot wait to get back to my next appointment to see what the good doctor has in store for me.

One word to describe the Dr and his staff of lovely ladies “GENUINE”. As soon as I walk in to see Pam or Lynn’s face, I’m greeted with the warmest hellos and friendliest smiles and I’m instantly at ease. They make you feel like you’re a part of the family. The relationship between team members is even wonderful to be a part of. They are all a work family and it shows.

If you think caring, genuine, and patient staff isn’t enough, wait until you meet the Dr. I have the most respect for him. What an educated man. He’s taught me so many things about the human body and general health. He is kind and very informative. He loves learning about health in general and it shows through the knowledge he shares. One thing is very clear: he’s not in it for the money. I truly Thank God for leading me to Lumber Dental Wellness everytime I walk out of that office.

Long story, short. If you’re old school like me and are looking for a Dentist that truly CARES about your well being and not what’s in your wallet, or constantly checking a clock to move onto the next appointment, you need to make an appointment with this office TODAY!!

-Lindsay McD.

So this totally happened today! 😓😖
Broken tooth, pulled/sawed, bone graft put in, and stitched up. Now it just needs to quit hurting and heal so I can get an implant! 😳 too crazy not to share. Lol
Oh, and if you’re looking for an AMAZING dentist, who will literally come into the office day or night, weekday or weekend, in an emergency… Dr. Donley at Lumbertown dental, is that man! He’s amazing!

– Teresa R.


The service here is the best that I have ever found. The approach to dentistry here is to keep you out of their office through education and awareness. The staff are all polite and caring.

– Greg O.


Couldn’t be happier with the care I continue to receive at Lumbertown Dental. EVERYONE there has been helpful. Treatment was painless. And your work with Volunteer for Dental means more than you can know.

-Linda R.


We are super happy with Lumbertown Dental!! Very clean, organized, friendly and do a fantastic job!!

– Cheryl R.


Been with Dr. Donley for over 2 decades. Always been a class act and has been very consistent with the treatment of my family. They have gone above and beyond for me over the years. Not only a dentist, but he, his wife and staff have been great friends as well.

– Jason W.


Dr.Donley and his staff are wonderful. My kids are no longer afraid of the dentist and neither am I. We have had some bad luck with dentist, but not here. Very warm welcoming atmosphere.

-Alisha H.


No other Dentist can compare to Dr. Donley and the staff in my opinion. It’s a family atmosphere and they make you feel at home. He will give you the best advice for dental wellness. As an older client I’m looking forward to getting braces and having a beautiful smile. Also his daughter Cindy owns Peaceful Gardens message. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment….you won’t regret it. Love them!!!

– Stephanie M.


Dr. Donley is WONDERFUL!! Every staff member is very friendly and helpful. Pam is very knowledgeable and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and left enlightened and comforted!

– Glenna N

Imagine falling asleep during a root canal. It’s definitely possible with the right dentist. And… the Muskegon area is lucky enough to be blessed with such a dentist… Dr. James Donley!

It’s all possible and all true. I can testify to such an experience!
– Donna M.
I have been a patient of Dr Donley’s for almost 20 years. Dr. Donley’s work is impeccable. Just recently I had all of my old silver fillings replaced with the newer resin fillings. Two of my fillings are next to each other, needing extra special care. Dr. Donley was able to save my two teeth from further extensive dental work and my smile looks great.

The staff in Dr. Donley’s office are always courteous and helpful.
– Julie H.
I have always been petrified of having cavities filled – the shots, the drill, the whole experience.

Today, I had a cavity filled by Dr. Donley using a laser. It was a great experience. No pain, no ugly drill noise and no drooling afterwards!
– Brenda
I have been a patient of Dr. Donley’s since 1995 and I have always received excellent pain free care. The office staff is so friendly and understanding of my schedule and needs.

Dr. Donley is always so gentle when working on my teeth. I have never liked going to the dentist since childhood, but coming here for my dental care has made it tolerable. I don’t put it off my visits and find it so much easier to attend to my dental here.
– Suzanne F.
I never liked the thought of going to the dentist – now since I go to Dr. Donley I do not have the dreaded thought of a dentist’s chair.

Everyone is very professional and I feel great about getting my teeth checked on every six months.

I would highly recommend Dr. Donley and his staff to anyone.
– Ted M.
This has been my first with Dr. Donley and wow I have never had this much attention to my teeth and I’m 46. It was painless and knowledgable. The staff is very welcoming and helpful with this new laser. I look forward to learning more and having a healthy mouth.
– Lynn E.