Dentures are a removable appliance that can replace missing teeth and provide you with chewing function. If you only have a few missing teeth, it is referred to as a partial denture. They will help you eat and speak properly as well as improve your esthetics while restoring the missing lip support that your own teeth and bone provided.

While we do our best to guide our patients to proper oral hygiene and regular maintenance of their teeth, there sometimes becomes a need to remove teeth either due to extensive decay or bone loss or trauma. Sometimes a filling may crack a tooth or a root canal fail and not allow an opportunity to restore a tooth with another restoration.

One option to a denture is an implant-supported denture. We offer those at our office here in North Muskegon, Michigan. They are a great option if your ridge is not allowing you to have a stable denture. By securing it to an implant, it provides a sturdy base to hold your denture.

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